05 August 2008

Who has Poo Duty?

Originally drafted 03 August 2008

John warming his hands by the poo fire.

There is a fun chore that we have at Rancho Tonka. For some reason, the septic system in San Pedro cannot handle toilet paper. So, all used tp (and you know the type of toilet paper I’m referring to) must be disposed of. Rather than mix human waste in with our household garbage we have decided to burn our “poo rags.” Fortunately and for some unknown reason, Knutt really enjoys poo duty. So, he has been the one who is the poo duty king. I’ve had poo duty once so far, and the others here have done it once or twice as well.

John, Knutt and Tonka hanging out by the poo fire.

Also, many of us wash our clothes at the house rather than paying the high prices to have the clothes laundered. We have jokingly stated that this is the Atacama House Cleaning Expedition.

John washing clothes with the laundry stick.

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