05 August 2008

Office Day and Media Coverage on Research

We took an office day. So, we did not do any fieldwork. I took this opportunity to enter all my field notes into the computer. I like the idea of having this information in multiple places. While I don’t lose things often, the loss of my field notebook would not be a good thing. Thus, the lesson here is duplication of effort is not necessarily a bad thing!

The mapping team took this opportunity to begin fleshing out their methodology in a coherent format. They’ve developed some graphs and illustrations to depict how they are obtaining volumetric data from caves. They also began writing up the methodology. They will complete this before John departs for Peru. John is leaving the night of 09 August.

We also learned that El Mercurio de Antofagasta had run a story on our research. The article is entitled and can be viewed via

Cavernas del desierto de Atacama son el nuevo laboratorio de pruebas de la NASA.

Also, LiveScience covered some of the interesting finds that we’ve stumbled across in the past few weeks. The article is entitled

Incredible Discoveries Made in Remote Caves.

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