05 August 2008

My return to Caverna de Quitor

Originally drafted 03 August 2008

Looking up through the sinkhole entrance of Caverna de Quitor.

Dr. Titus arrived last night. So, we now have the entire team is in San Pedro. Once we had dinner, Lynn, Knutt, John and I decided to head into town and go to Adobe – this is an incredibly pricey restaurant that we often frequent for drinks or to see Andrea play.

Lynn about to conduct a very complicated and difficult pinkie nail operation. Credit: Dan Ruby.

Also, day before yesterday, I had another important lesson on mindfulness. If you don’t pay attention to what you are doing, well…you end up doing stupid things. I was in a hurry to leave for the field and as I rushed to close the front door. When I did, I left my pinkie finger in the door. It smarted!

Last night, it started to drain from around the edges of finger. This happened again this morning. I showed Lynn and he decided to burn a hole in the finger nail so the fluid could drain. We all hope this will be his only procedure during this expedition. It did make for quite a morning spectacle.

Pinkie finger with a hole in it. Credit: Dan Ruby

Once my pinkie finger was “operated” on, we went to Quitor Cave. This is one of the caves that we studied back in 2006. We actually had a paper published on this work. The title of the paper is On Developing Thermal Cave Detection Techniques for Earth, the Moon and Mars.

Lynn and I investigating an area within Quitor. Credit: Dan Ruby.

The team and I went to evaluate this cave for our research. This cave is heavily used by tourists and we were not certain whether this would be a good study site given. Because this is such a well-known cave, I won’t divulge whether this was one of our study features or not. However, we did have a good time evaluating this feature.

From left to right, me, Pete, Lynn, Dan and Tim in the sinkhole entrance of Caverna de Quitor. Credit: Christina Colpitts.

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