08 August 2008

Explorers Club Flag Expedition Photo -- Atacama Desert Flag Expedition

In the spirit of scientific exploration, our expedition has been granted an Explorers Club Flag and received official recognition as a Flag Expedition. This is our expedition flag photo. Kneeling in front from left to right: Dick Alzeua (Chilean caver), Christina Colpitts (cartographer/ safety officer), Tim Titus (USGS astrophysicist). Standing in back from left to right: Lynn Hicks (expedition doctor), Dan Ruby (astronomer/ cartographer), Knutt Peterson (expedition cartography chief), Jut Wynne (expedition leader), John DeDecker (astronomer/ cartographer), and Pete Polsgrove (microbiologist/ field engineer).

For more information about Explorers Club Flag Expeditions go The Explorers Club Flag Expeditions. For more information about the club, go to The Explorers Club.

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