08 February 2009

Bees in Bumble Bee Cave?

01 February 2009

Image: Well, we didn't find bees, but someone left their chair here. From the looks of it, it was left here back in the 1970s. Did the Brady Bunch ever make a trip to the Mojave? Credit: Dan Ruby.

We are making really good progress in the Mojave. It appears we will be able to end the project early. The next two days will be spent tying up all the loose ends.

Dan’s team continued to map Bumble Bee Cave, while James’ team went to Binny Cave and the Trench Non-cave Complex. Nothing overly exciting to report here. Progress is being made, and I remain quite pleased with my team.

We also had one final cave to deploy sensors within. We were able to complete this task in a couple of hours.

Thereafter, we spend the remainder of the day walking across the flow collecting GPS data. Last night, Tim and I went through all the GPS data collected. We determined to best tie each mapped cave into geographical space, we should have at least three points per cave.

Image: Additional note taking at the big trench. Credit: Tim Titus.

This evening, Tim, Dan and I met to discuss our progress. It appears we will likely finish one to two days early. We plotted out where we are, and what we have to complete. We will implement our plan tomorrow AM.

Dan and Denise collected volumetric data from Carbon Cave and mapped the locations of our sensors. Russ provided us with a great map of this cave. So, we won’t have to sketch it.

Image: Sabine and Greg learning how to sketch caves! Credit: Dave Decker.

Dave gave a cave mapping lesson to Greg and Sabine. They spent the day mapping The Trench.

Image: Self-portrait with Tim.

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