08 February 2009

A Chuckwalla on the Flow...

29 January 2009

Image: Moving through tight passage in Drop Cave. Credit: Tim Titus.

Doug’s team continued to map Drop Cave. This will likely take them a couple more days to complete this cave. All is going well, and Doug’s team is proving to be incredibly proficient at the mapping techniques and negotiating the rappel.

Tim and I joined Dan’s mapping team at Sprig Cave. His team continued mapping and we successfully deployed sensors within this cave.

Image: This chuckwalla (Sauromalus ater) was observed moving across the flow. I didn't see one chuckwalla this trip. However, when I was on this flow in April 2008, I saw these critters daily. Credit: Dave Decker.

Unfortunately, Doug had to return home. James stepped in and continued the mapping effort. He, Greg and Sabine spent one more day at Drop Cave.

Image: Greg navigating tight passage in Sprig Cave. Credit: Dave Decker.

The weather is excellent here in the Mojave. At night the temperatures are dropping into the mid-30s and it’s in the high 60s to low 70s during the day. This has made our time out here quite comfortable.

Image: Relaxing by the fire after a long day in the field. Credit: Tim Titus

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