26 July 2008

Recovery in Antofagasta

Originally drafted 16 July 2008

The box of sensors that we successfully shipped to Chile! Credit: Pete Polsgrove. Because of this box, we missed our connecting flight to Antofagasta.

We arrived in Antofagasta early on the morning of 15 July. It was a long haul. Just as we thought we were going to travel with any difficulties all the way to Antofagasta, Pete and I encountered minor snag in customs in Santiago. We had to bring the equipment into the country. Going through customs and processing our paperwork was easy – however, we failed to tell the airline that we were stuck in customs, and that we would be delayed by about an hour. Consequently, we missed our connecting flight to Antofagasta.

As a result, we had the good fortune of spending an additional three hours in the Santiago airport. The only good thing about being stuck in the airport is that we met Knutt and John, and we all had the same flight to Antofagasta. I was concerned as to how I was going to coordinate giving Knutt permissions on the second vehicle. So, this made everything much easier.

Once we landed, and determined that all of our bags were there as well, we picked up the vehicles at the airport. This was met with a small problem. I now know to always call the bank to notify them that I was making a $6000.00 purchase on my debit card. If this is not done, the transaction will be declined.

Jut, John and Knutt chatting at the Holiday Inn Express reception desk. Credit: Pete Polsgrove.

Once this was taken care of, we were off to the Holiday Inn Express.

To celebrate our arrival and other logistics related to the trip we had a large dinner at a Peruvian restaurant. It was one of the best meals that I’ve had in a long time.

Clockwise - John, Knutt, Pete and Jut eating heartily after the long flight to Chile.

On 16 July, everyone slept in. We are still awaiting the arrival of Dan and Christina. So, the four of us decided to go to the mall and investigate what equipment and food was available to us. We will make the big grocery purchase tomorrow.

Christina and Dan will be here late tomorrow evening. Then, we will begin making preparations for our departure to San Pedro de Atacama.

Holiday Inn Express Antofagasta. Credit: Pete Polsgrove.

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